The Kindle Killer

What is it?: The Poke2 is one of the newest additions to the Onyx line, the device was designed to replace the Onyx Boox Poke Pro.


  1. Octa-Core 2.0GHz Processor

  2. 32GB Storage

  3. Micro USB

  4. Android 9

The Poke2 is one of the fastest and most powerful eReaders on the market, it has 32GB of storage, which is capable of storing thousands of eBooks and eAudioBooks.

Android: The Poke2 is one of only a few eReading devices to fully support Android 9, Googles most used operating system. The Poke2 supports virtually any and all Android applications including the Kindle App, the Nook App, the Libby App and the Google Play Books App. The ability to run these apps makes the Poke2 the most versatile eReader on the market. Readers are no longer forced to choose which proprietary ecosystem to subscribe to when choosing a device.

Traditionally eReaders have access to one store or source for downloading eBooks and eAudioBooks. For the Kindle line users are locked into the Amazon ecosystem and its proprietary eBook formats. Kobo users are stuck with the Rakuten Kobo store and OverDrive. Nook customers are stuck with the dying Banes and Nobles eBook store. The same is true for nearly every major eBook retailor, Onyx however is switching up the game.

The Poke2 has no built in book store, aside from the ability to download eBooks from Project Gutenberg, users wont find a built in online eBook Retailor, instead customers are free and encouraged to download any number of applications made by eBook Stores, all of which are easily available inside the App Store as well as Google's own Google Play Store.

Kindle App: The Kindle app runs perfectly on the Poke2. Downloading books, browsing, and adjusting the fonts and layout all work perfectly. With the kindle app the Poke2 can benefit from all of the books and features available to Kindle users. The Kindle app also gives readers access to the Kindle Owners Lending Library as well as Kindle Unlimited. Pictured below I am running the Kindle App and reading Lila by Naima Coster, a free eBook included in my Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime memberships.

Libby App: Libby is an application made by OverDrive. Libby is compatible with Adobe Digital Editions, Nook eReaders, and the Libby application. Libby is a service used by most of the libraries in the United States. The application allows Libraries to loan copies of eBooks to their patrons. Libby can also be installed and used on the Poke2. Below are pictures of my Poke2 running the Libby App in order to read "The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog", an eBook that my library is loaning completely free of cost.

Tachiyomi App: Tachiyomi is a highly rated Android Application used for reading Japanese Manga Scans. Tachiyomi gives readers access to thousands of Manga books completely free of cost and advertisements. Below are photos of my Poke2 running the new TachiyomiJ2K application and reading the Manga "Love Rush!" The application runs well with little to no issues, my only gripe is the 6inch screen being to small for reading manga comfortably

The Poke2 is an amazing eReader that, I feel, is posed to completely eradicate the Kindle, Nook, and increasingly popular Kobo lines. Unlike Kindles and Kobos the Poke2 is universally compatible with ALL online eBook sellers.

Check out the Poke2 here.

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